Mommy's Got a Brand New Blog!

Hello friends & family and welcome to my brand new blog;
"Mommy Needs A Time-out!".

I won the latest contest and this new blog was my prize. I'm seriously blown away by it, it's just perfect and I expected no less from my Blog-Bestie Lindsay, who owns the company. Lindsay is a creative genious! Be sure to visit her website to request your own custom blog!

This blog is all about me; what I like, what's going on with me, how I feel about things in the world, all my favorite things, what's bothering me right now, things I am excited about and things that are frustrating the bejeezus out of me at the moment. There will be pieces about Emily because she is part of my world but, for the most part, things Emily-related will stay current on her official website, her Babysite, as this blog will be my creative outlet and my way of keeping you in the loop of the rest of our life! :)

I've decided to make my blog open to the public, for anyone to read and a link to it can be found on the Home Page of Emily's Babysite and in my siggy on The Nest... be sure to bookmark my blog and read at your leisure because I will not be doing any sort of "Blog Update" announcements!

P.S. There are no comments allowed on this blog but you can always email me about anything you see here. :)


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