Right wheels on the curb... it's the law!

Okay so, even I agree that some of the written law is just obnoxious and seems to make no sense but I do agree with the "right wheels shall be no further than 18 inches from the curb..." and the "only the right wheels should park on the curb except on one-way streets..." laws because of the recent activity in my neighborhood.

Sheesh, for a bunch of rich, retired people you'd think they would "get it" and have all the time in the world to make the block or do a U-turn in order to park the correct direction along our street! But noooooooooooo, there are two men that feel the law doesn't apply to them and I'm guessing they are in too big of a hurry (well, they are more important that the rest of us, you know) to do so and they park facing traffic, with their left wheels on their curb, every single day.

This is obnoxious for so many reasons but it's borderline dangerous for me because I can't see worth a flip through their front windshield and out the back of their vehicle to back out of my own driveway! Argh!!!! :( It's also harder to parallel park and/or park next to them.

Why can't they just park like the rest of us?

Do I just mind my own business and get over it, making extra sure I can see to back out safely or am I justified to call the non-emergency, local Police Station and complain?

What would YOU do?

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