Tuesday Toddler Tales

Emily had some huge firsts over the weekend so, this week's toddler tales is about Firsts.

For starters, Emily had her first bowl of cereal: she had shredded wheat IN milk! This is huge for a number of reasons: she hasn't had milk since she gave it up back at 14 months old and because she ate the cereal with a spoon, out of a bowl! She's been really "iffy" about eating out of bowls and really prefers to eat off a plate, I guess where she can see her food a bit better, I don't know! David fed it to her and she sort of fed herself and really seemed to enjoy it so, yippee for adding new breakfast foods to our menu!!! :)

Second, she ate chicken... plain! While buying groceries on Sunday, Emily called the rotisserie chickens; "chicken" and was sort of begging for it so, we bought one and I thought to myself that I could shred it up and make chicken tortilla soup. Well, once we got home and I started making her lunch, she started begging for chicken again; she was pulling on my shirt, whining and just kept saying; "chicken". *sigh* So, I cut up a small piece of the breast and put it on her trey with a quesadilla, broccoli and a handful of grapes. While cleaning up the kitchen, I noticed she had eaten all the chicken and started asking for more. hahaha Who knew my kid suddenly developed a taste for chicken and the kind of chicken that is not hidden by melted cheese!


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