NBL2: Day 6

* Water with every meal and in between, up to 8 glasses a day
* Three meals a day in the proper portions
* Nuts and/or fruit as a snack between meals
* Drinking up to 3 8-ounce glasses of fat-free milk as I don't consume enough dairy products - can be used as an in between meal snack
* NO SODAS, even Diet Dr. Pepper except on weekends
* Sweets are OK but only a bite or two and only once a week
* Vegetables with every meal (lunch and dinner)

I've almost made it a week and am actually really looking forward to check in with my group tomorrow and seeing if I have lost any weight. :)

I took a Pilates Foundations Class this morning at 9:15AM and it was really great! I had never done Pilates before and this class was recommended by the Staff, I'm really glad I took it. I learned a lot of the stretches, positions and activities and broke into a good sweat. Lots of sculpting, toning focus rather than cardio, which was perfect because I did cardio yesterday. I plan to keep going to this class on Friday mornings for the month of August since the sing-a-long at the Alameda Library we normally take on Friday mornings is cancelled during August. Once September arrives, I'll move into the Pilates classes on Thursday evenings.

I did well with my diet today, getting in my water and milk requirements as well as eating vegetables with lunch and dinner. I didn't have a soda today nor any sweets.

Dinner: Chicken and mushroom enchiladas with peppers and onions.

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