Thursday Thirteen

As September approaches, my excitement (and my axiety) grows over our family vacation at Disneyland.

It will be the first time most of us have been (I've been while in High School) and of course it will be Emily's first time, in celebration of her turning 2 years old. So much to think about, plan, orchestrate, reserve, pack... this week's Thursday Thirteen is all about our trip and what I have left to do or to purchase!

1. Reserve hotel suites - DONE
2. Reserve Super Shuttle transportation to/from LAX airport
3. Set aside Silver Passes and Emily's birth certificate (she's going to be a lapchild on the plane) - DONE
4. Choose then reserve special dinners/lunches at Disneyland
5. Plan special "birthday celebration" for Emily
6. Make a list of what to pack - clothes, shoes, snacks, gear, safety kit
7. Purchase new pair of Pumas for myself - DONE
8. Purchase Pea Pod traveling air mattress bed for Emily
9. Purchase reusable water bottles for the park - DONE
10. Purchase hoodies/jackets in case of cooler weather - DONE
11. Let neighbors know when we'll be gone and cover David's car in the garage
12. Get suitcases down from the attic
13. Pack!!!

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