Thursday Thirteen

Less than 2 weeks until we arrive in Texas for our annual Christmas Vacation and I'm already starting to make my packing lists, with Emily's list being the longest by a long-shot.

So, what all does one family need for a 2 week vacation when traveling with a 3-year old?!?

Here's my list of 13 must-haves:

1. Video monitor - gotta be able to see her 2 stories up when she's napping or not
2. Sound machine with back-up batteries - none of us can sleep without white noise
3. "Bun bun" and "lambkins" her lovies plus her pillow
4. Extra pacifiers
5. All her hair bows & accessories
6. 22 outfits, 4 sets of pajamas and 5 pairs of shoes
7. Down coat, sweater coat, 2 hoodies, raincoat & boots, and hat & mittens
8. Epi-pen, Benedryl, nail clippers, Tylenol, thermometer, antibiotic ointment & band-aids
9. Her swimsuit & floaties for the indoor, heated pool
10. Her Christmas outfit for our annual family portraits
11. Portable DVD Player and her two favorite movies "Finding Nemo" and "Cars"
12. Cooler bag with TONS of her favorite snacks as well as a bag of M&M's and a Lollipop for when we are desperate and need a bribe
13. And last but certainly NOT least, our carry-on bag for the 2 hour wait in the airport, 3.5 hours plane ride and additional 1 hour when arriving and driving to my mom's house.  It will include three brand new items she's never seen before: the Leapster hand-held gaming system and "Finding Nemo" game, Tag Reader and 3 books and the Crayola Color Wonder Light Pen.  I'll also pack Play-doh, a new book, new stickers, Bendaroo's, and a change of clothes & a Ziploc bag for any soiled ones

Thankfully, my mother bought Emily a carseat and crib a few years back so we don't have to lug any baby gear with us on these trips.  She no longer sits in a highchair for meals or a stroller when out shopping so, really, it's just comfort & entertainment items on our list this year! 

What items do you never leave home without when traveling?


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