Thursday Thirteen

I have been asked a hundred times, throughout the year; "what's on Emily's Christmas list?" and "what should I buy for a 3-year old?" by friends and family members who are trying to purchase gifts for the 3-year olds in their lives so, this week's Thursday Thirteen is dedicated to gifts for a 3-year old... or at least gifts Emily is interested in:

1. Tag reading system and the books: "How Do Dinosaurs Make Friends", "Miss Spider's Tea Party", and "I Spy: Imagine That!".

2. Leapster handheld gaming system and the "Finding Nemo" game cartridge

3. Melissa & Doug Bug-Catching & Fishing Puzzles

4. Preschool board games, including "Lucky Ducks"

5. VTech Learning Laptop

6. My First Purse with plastic lipstick, a credit card and a cell phone

7. Fisher Price Kid-tough Walkie Talkies

8. Fancy Nancy dress-up shoes, tiaras and tu-tus

9. AquaDoodle floor mat

10. Circo brand shopping cart, vacuum, microwave, dishwasher and stand mixer for pretend kitchen play

11. Fisher Price Smart Fit Interactive play mat game system

12. Melissa & Doug Happy Handle Stamp Set

13. Cash Register with a microphone, scanner and LOTS of play money!

14. Fisher Price Handy Manny Repair Shop

15. Radio Flyer My First Scooter

16. Foam Bowling Set


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