Tuesday Toddler Tales

"Mama do it!!!!!" is about all we hear these days in reply to every single one of David's requests.

If I am home, even if not in sight, she doesn't want him to change her, help her with a puzzle, run her bath, fix her a snack, comb her hair, get down a favorite book nor read said book, go to the park, issue a time-out, put on her shoes, set up an art project nor blow her nose.  If he even opens his mouth or walks in her direction she runs to me, latching on to my leg, sometimes hiding behind me as if she needs protection from him (ha!) and screams; "NOOOOOOO, mama do it"!!!  It's so crazy, it's hilarious, I can't help but burst out laughing although I'm usually not laughing when I've had a hard day and just want to relax for a minute while David does the bedtime routine.

She's apparently going through a mommy phase and it's doing a number on David.  Who knows how much he's joking when he responds with; "Yeah, yeah, we know you love mommy more but you'd be so sad if daddy ran away from home!".  :)  I just keep reminding him that soon enough she will be dishing out the "I hate you's" to us both and her preference for one of us will flip back and forth a million times between now and eternity.


  1. McKenna does this EXACT.SAME.THING. It really hurts Ken's feelings. A lot. He takes it very personal, and I wish I could fix it for him, but it's impossible. She flips though. Sometimes she'll have NOTHING to do with me.

    This too shall pass. In 12ish years, we'll be crying on our blogs about how our daughters hate us and how we "ruined" their lives. Such a rollercoaster, this child raising thing.

    I wouldn't trade it for the world!


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