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Meal Planning 2/28 thru 3/6

Pneumonia Watch: Day 9

Pneumonia watch: Day 7

Potty training: the end of week 3

Pneumonia Watch: Day 5

Turns out we have pneumonia

Sick, sick, sick

Recipe: Buttermilk baked "fried" chicken for TWO!

Recipe: Hamburgers with blue cheese

Potty training: the end of week 2

Thursday Thirteen

Thursday Thirteen

Wordless Wednesday

Tuesday Toddler Tales

Meal Planning 2/14 thru 2/20

Stovetop Playdough Recipe

Thursday Thirteen

Potty Training, Day 7: A whole week and she's a pro!

Wordless Wednesday

Potty training, Day 6: Seems she's got it!

Tuesday Toddler Tales

Potty training, Day 5: Accident Free!

Potty Training, Day 4: First day away from home!

Meal Planning 2/7 - 2/13

Recipe: Baked Macaroni and Cheese

Potty training, Day 3: Daddy gets a turn, some serious communication... finally and her 1st real poop on the potty!!!

Potty Training, Day 2: we are on our way!

Recipe: Enchiladas Verdes with Beef

Potty Training: Take 2!

Thursday Thirteen

Wordless Wednesday

"I have diaper rash and it hurts!!!"

30-Day Shred: My heart just isn't in it... and I'm sorry!