Disneyland: Day 2

We had breakfast reservations at The Carnation Cafe on Main Street at 10:00am, which is an excellent place to eat breakfast as it's shaded, the staff is friendly and attentive, and their prices are on the cheap side of Disney!  Mickey Mouse waffles with fruit for the kids is always fun, I'm a huge fan of their egg & bacon croissants and David really liked their apple & granola pancakes.  We left happy and full to spend the day in the Disneyland park.

Emily was most interested in Fantasyland so, we started there and rode The Matterhorn Bobsleds (she was not a fan of that Abominable Snowman!), Storybook Lake boat ride (Monstro the Whale from Pinocchio is her favorite character right now), the Teacups, Alice & Wonderland, and the Flying Dumbos.

It took four very long, very hot hours to ride those five rides and we were all absolutely, completely over it by the time Emily and David exited the Flying Dumbos.  So, we walked back to Tomorrowland and caught to monorail back to Downtown Disney.  While trying to decide what to do for lunch (we were uninterested in eating inside the park), we came upon a Castmember with a talking Macaw.

We were lured in to The Rainforest Cafe by their ice-cold air conditioning and gorgeous aquarium archway and although we knew the food would be sub-par (and it was) and our bill would be outrageous (and it was), we didn't care because we were hot and famished!

The best part of the day was returning to our hotel and spending nearly four hours at the pool!  Emily especially loved the waterslide and the shallow "kiddie" pool.  I was relieved to cool off and put my feet up.  :)

After some down time in the room and a shower each, we drove over to The Shops of Anaheim to have a delicious, relaxing dinner at The Cheesecake Factory.  Parking for three hours is free and it's 1/2 mile from our hotel.  It was another highlight of the day! 


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