New Year's Eve and tooth #2 fell out!

We knew that bottom, center and to the left tooth was the next to fall out but had no idea it would be just a few weeks after the first one!

Emily actually pulled the tooth out herself and brought it to us at 3:30am. Yes, 3:30 in the morning! Why she was awake messing with her tooth in the middle of the night isn't clear but we are both just thankful it didn't come out on it's own, which she could've easily swallowed.

Thankfully, the Tooth Fairy was prepared to leave a $5 in exchange for the tooth once David was able to convince Emily to go back to sleep.

Look at that smile with that huge gap in it, it's so cute and totally changes her entire face when she smiles!


  1. Oh my goodness, what a grin! I love it. I had to laugh at the not knowing why she was awake and messing with her tooth at that time - I saw flashes of my future with my son! :) I hope you all enjoyed the New Year.

  2. How exciting! Ava's been asking when hers will fall out. She's getting anxious! Such a cutie.


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