Emily receives a Citizen Star Award today! #secondgrade #parenting #motherhood

I just picked Emily up from school today (Wednesdays are 1:50pm early release for all grades) and she had "a surprise" for me.

Today, she received a Citizen Star Award for "doing her personal best"!

These are given out by Teachers and/or the Principal to students who are going above and beyond in one or more of the 5 agreements set by the school.

According to the note her teacher wrote on the back, Emily put out such good effort in all she did today at school.


While we know Emily is intellectually capable of doing all that is asked of her in second grade, she's passed all her tests and received good remarks during all her conferences, she has struggled from time to time with staying focused and applying herself. Just one example is she was caught doodling in her lap instead of doing her Tuesday writing packet a few weeks ago.

According to my husband, he was the same way throughout elementary school so he's not surprised. I, on the other hand, loved school; I ate, slept, and breathed school so it's difficult for me to understand the lack of motivation Emily's experiencing.

David and I agree, along with her teachers, that Emily's little brain is just so tied up with all her creative fantasies and desires to play that we have to work a little harder to get her interested in school work. We've all agreed to offer Emily more opportunities to play so, we are starting with after-school enrichment classes (she's taking Pottery, Sculpture, Earth Arts, and Mad science crazy chemistry classes this semester) that start this month and go through June and a few more physical activities (I just purchased a Groupon for swim lessons and am enrolling her in an Arial Tampoline class) to give her the appropriate outlet to express herself. Her teacher is also working on a few things to see which motivates Emily most in class.

Apparently, it was a day of math that worked today!

Emily LOVES math. She regularly asks me to "give" her some math while we are in the car. She loves to do addition in her head and on her white board. :)

We are so proud of her!!!


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