In lieu of #Christmas cards, here's our Happy New Year E-Card #newyear #motherhood

Like my blog title says; "I'm not your mama's Martha!" and it's true.

I'm not anything like the famous, crafty, amazing, nearly-perfect Martha Stewart and the lack of a Christmas card from my family to yours this year is just one more example of that.

I just couldn't get it together this year and, to be honest, didn't feel I had to.

So, now that our family portraits have been taken, here's one of the best for you.

I can't make it bigger. Sorry. Damn "view and share online only" CD!!!

It's adorable, trust me.

My new year's resolution: to get Christmas cards out in 2014.

Happy New Year!

May this year be filled with happiness, acceptance, and love!

The Shavers Family


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