Years of ignoring foot pain = me in a boot for a week! :( #motherhood

That is my left foot. In an immobilizing boot.

For another 5 days. {sigh}

Let me start from the beginning:

I have slight scoliosis. Not enough to have had to wear a brace or require surgery as a child but it has always caused me to have a constant, dull back/hip ache.

I also have "runner's knee" or Osgood-Schlatter's disease due to all the basketball, track, gymnastics, and dance I have been involved in my entire life. 

I also supinate (or roll my foot outwards when walking and running) profoundly in my right foot, causing me pain in the outside of my foot.

And lastly, I don't throw my tennis shoes out as often as I should nor have I done a good job of getting properly sized and fitted for shoes. Ever.

All of this combined has me compensating a lot in my left foot and it wound up agitated, inflamed, and in excruciating pain to the point that I couldn't put any weight on it last week.

I scheduled an appointment with a local Podiatrist who gave me a prescription for a steroid and orders to perform contrasting soaks (5 minute soak in hot water then, a 5 minute soak in ice water) on my foot twice per day, stay off my foot as much as possible, and to wear this lovely immobilizing boot any time I'm on my feet. 

I have a follow up appointment on Thursday this week to evaluate the inflammation in my left foot and put together a plan to correct my gait, which Dr. N thinks he can do with a custom orthodic insert. Much like the Dr. Scholl's inserts you see for sale in stores like Walgreen's. Mine will be custom fit for my exact issues and should fit inside any shoe that's not a thong.

Then, I have strict orders to throw out my old tennis shoes and have a referral to have a new pair fit perfectly for me. I'm excited to have orders to go shopping! :)


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