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Losing the wheat belly - a look back at Day 3, which was yesterday and what I'm eating today, Day 4:

Yesterday, Saturday, was Day 3 and it went perfectly! I stuck to my meal plan that I had all laid out in SparkPeople.com so all I had to do was check it to see what I should eat. I really encourage you all to do this!

Today was going to be my first real "test" of gluten-cravings (which is documented in the book Wheat Belly that I recently read) because I had a funeral/celebration of life to attend right after lunch and it was being held at & catered by The Claremont Hotel in Berkeley, CA.

I say "was" because it's 9:00pm and the funeral was at 2:00pm and I wasn't tested at all. Meaning, there were dumplings and fried treats, phyllo dough stuffed with meats and cheeses, eight different dessert platters and a full bar and yet, I walked right past not only hell-bent to avoid it all but without any desire to eat any of it. I did serve myself a cup of canteloupe and honeydew melon balls though!

WOW! I'm even shocked by myself!

The book talks about getting out of the vicious withdrawal/cravings cycle of gluten consumption and I lived it myself this afternoon!

Also, I woke up this morning feeling so well-rested and without that shaky-oh-my-gosh-I-better-eat-something-anything-that-brownie-will-do rumbling stomach. I made the kids their favorite buttermilk chocolate pancakes with ground flaxseed and had zero desire to pop a piece in my mouth. It seems I've come out on the other side in a very short 4 days.

BREAKFAST: scrambled whole egg cut with two egg whites and 2 sliced bacon topped with 1T Monterrey Jack cheese. I made 4x this much to microwave throughout the week. Super easy and fast breakfast!

LUNCH: 4oz leftover grilled Tilapia topped with bruschetta I made the night before that contained 2oz fresh mozzarella cheese.

SNACK: I came home from the funeral and had a handful of raw almonds. Twelve to be exact. :)

DINNER: I'm making Pioneer Woman's Spinach Artichoke pasta BUT I'm not making the roux (flour, butter, milk) to thicken the sauce. I'm going to add cream cheese at the end instead instead. So, I cut her recipe down to 1/4th and am Trader Joe's Brown Rice and Quinoa Fusilli pasta. My serving will be 1C cooked pasta with half of the sauce recipe. My husband HATES artichokes and doesn't love spinach so, I'll add the 6oz (about a cup and a half) of Trader Joe's uncooked frozen artichoke hearts and 2C of Trader Joe's uncooked, chopped frozen spinach that I sauteed in butter and garlic in the beginning of the receipe back into the pot AFTER I've dished up his portion. :)

Do you want to know what I wore to the funeral?!?

The same outfit (dress, tights, boots) that I wore to the Brave Wrap Party 2 years ago when I had lost all the weight and was at my best. And you know what? IT FIT! It didn't look awesome but I did NOT look pregnant and felt pretty good about that.

I can't wait to weight myself and take my measurements in 10 days!


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