My newest adventure: losing the wheat belly! See the link ------> over there, to my SparkPeople Blog and follow me in my journey! #healthyliving #motherhood

Have you read the book Wheat Belly?

Wow, it's an eye-opener!

I plowed through it in about a day and have taken on the challenge to eliminate gluten from my diet.


Because after reading the book and finding myself nodding along with the signs and symptoms, I've confidently concluded that I have wheat belly. I'm worried about diabetes, my increased breast cancer risk, IBS and a few other not-so-pleasant side effects of consuming gluten at the alarmingly high rate that I do.

How am I going to do it?

You can read about my journey 
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To summarize:
I'm starting with a trip to see my Ob/Gyn and taking the 14-day challenge to eliminate all gluten sources from my diet. I'm also recording my weight and measurements (this is what I'm most interested in) along with documenting my bloodwork results from beginning to end.

I'll be blogging everything I put in my mouth, my energy level, any exercise I've done, how I'm feeling about it all, and my weight-loss results along the way. I'll do updates here but for the daily nitty-gritty you'll want to read my SparkPeople blog.

I won't be replacing it with those super popular "gluten-free" products on the market today. Most are largely made up of corn- and tapioca-starches that spike your blood sugar just as high as the gluten in wheat does. That particular strategy isn't going to solve my specific set of problems nor will it help me reach my goals - it's not the right path of me.

I'm actually eliminating gluten in totality and focusing on a balanced nutritional plan that consists of as much raw food as I can get my hands on. I love ancient grains, corn, beans and other wheat products that don't contain gluten including: oats, bulger, buckwheat, brown rice and just about every other healthy, gluten-free carbohydrate you can think of so, I'm not at all concerned about the lack of food variety. I've had great success eliminating gluten in the past (just 2 years ago I lost 24lbs and felt the best I've ever felt in my life in only four months!) and have honestly just gotten lazy and complacent in my health, which is how I gained back even more weight than I lost. {sigh}


Let me be clear. Going gluten-free is not about a temporary diet strategy. This is a lifestyle change for me and my entire family.

Today is the first day of my journey and I hope to connect with some of you during it!


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