Got our hands on the brand new @britax Frontier yesterday! Thanks, @tottank #kids #parenting

Did I tell you my husband took off an entire month from work in February?

Did I also tell you how much FUN my 3.5yr had riding around in his daddy's car for that time? He insisted we take his Recaro car seat from my car and put it in his dad's ShelbyGT500 for the month! They went everywhere together - read about it here!

And did I tell you how devastated my son was when my husband returned to work Monday and he had to go back to riding in my car?


So, we decided we needed to get another car seat so he could ride with his dad anytime he wanted to and went straight to Tot Tank, Alameda, CA to get it. The new Britax Frontier has been sold out everywhere, including online. Go check out the seat online and you'll know why. I called Tot Tank and got on their waitlist immediately. Three days later, I got a call that they had three seats for me to choose from (color of the fabric was the only distinguishing factor) so Nolan and I drove over this morning to purchase one of them.

Have you been to Tot Tank yet?

If you need anything for your child, from furniture and bottles to strollers and lunch box containers, this place has all the best products and is extremely knowledgable about everything in their store! It's owned by a local family who makes it their mission to inform you, help you, guide you and follow-up with you for life!

I had the honor of being helped by the owner, Jay this morning.

Without me even asking, he immediately opened and unwrapped the car seat I was interested in and demonstrated for me right there in the store how to install the seat. They had a full-sized seat from a vehicle in the store! This was really awesome because you can't always visualize how to do it after hearing about it nor from reading instruction manuals. He let Nolan inspect it and sized him up for it, including how high to pull up the back so the shoulder harness would be at the exact height for him. They rang me up for my purchases and he carried the car seat right out to my car to install it for me. He made a gentle suggestion that I swap my kids seat positions so that Nolan would be curb-side (behind the passenger) for easier loading and unloading, something I had debated a handful of times in this last year as Nolan has become more independent, wanting to climb in and out on his own, which isn't street safe. I agreed with him and he offered to swap the seats for me. This was not an easy task as we are parked on a busy street with traffic flying but Jay made it look easy and took the time to walk me through each part of the installation.

Did you know LATCH is no longer the safest option when you child + the car seats weight exceeds 65lbs (per Britax's website for the car seats we own)?!?

I didn't.

Jay asked me about my older child as he noticed I was using LATCH on my daughter's seat and explained that to me as he worked. He then showed me how to use my cars seat belt to properly install her Britax Frontier (bought from Tot Tank 5 years ago!) and did it all for me. I'm eternally grateful as she is 54lbs and the seat weighs 20lbs so, she is already over the threshold.

Next up was installing Nolan's new car seat on the passengers side. It was so neat to see how the new "click tight" installation system works with literally the push of one hand when using your car's seatbelt (not LATCH), which we decided to use as Nolan is already 34lbs and the seat is 25lbs so he's nearly at the threshold too. The seat is rock solid with zero work!

Lastly, he anchored the seats over my rear set in the back, double-checked their positioning and tightness and whipped out his company's checklist for installation to go over each point, ensuring he did it all and correctly.

I thanked him profusely and left feeling comfortable and confident in my purchase and I couldn't wait to tell everyone I know about him and his business. You won't find knowledge, experience, and service like this at Babies R Us nor online!

Our towns are only as good as their schools and their businesses so please, consider shopping at Tot Tank if you live in Alameda, CA not only to support a local family and their local business but to keep Alameda a place we all want to live!

Thank you, Tot Tank for continuing to support our community - my family has been so blessed by your business the last eight years!

**I was not asked to write this post nor review this product by anyone for any reason. These are my opinions and feelings that I write for free.**


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