Nolan: First bike ride without training wheels 3yrs 9mos #kids #familyfun #parenting

In support of a neighbors' fundraiser for a school trip, I purchased a little boy's bike that didn't have training wheels.

I figured Nolan would be ready for it eventually and we could buy some generic training wheels off Amazon.

I had no idea this would happen while I was at the grocery store today:

David said he insisted on "doing it by myself" so he let him go.

It's amazing how much easier and younger Nolan is doing all the things Emily learned to do. It's a second-child thing, I'm certain. He sees her on her scooter every day so he got one and mastered it before age 2. I guess riding a bike was the logical next step!

He hasn't learned to break yet (he can pedal backwards to slow down and stop) and needs to work on looking up so he can see where he's going.

Babysteps. :)


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