Nolan's first ride in his daddy's Shelby GT500 #kids #boys #parenting #mustang

Today was what Nolan has deemed "the best day ever!!!" - he got to take a ride in his daddy's car for the first time ever today!

It's no secret Nolan loves his daddy: he wants to shave and brush his teeth when his daddy does, he likes to play guitar and the drums with his daddy, he likes when his daddy gives him an airplane ride, and he really likes to help his daddy do anything with tools. Here lately, Nolan has become obsessed with David's car. David drives a Shelby GT500 that he has completely supped-up and tricked out - it's so loud I can hear him coming across a bridge three miles away! It's like the signal to the kids that daddy's coming home. haha :)

Nolan loves that car!

He's always asking to sit in it while David washes it or changes it's oil.

Today, David secured Nolan's car seat into it and took him to run errands this morning.

Did I tell you David has been on vacation the entire month of February thus, he's been taking the lion's share of the chores and childcare duties? It's been glorious. It's over next week. I am deeply saddened.

But I digress.

Once they got home, David told me all about their adventure up to Pixar to put in a time sheet and purchase some items for our school's upcoming auction. Apparently, Nolan smiled the entire trip and was repeating "daddy's car is so cool", "daddy's car is so loud", "daddy's car is so loud".

Nolan loved it so much, we can't bear to remove his car seat and put it back in my car so, we ordered another seat for my car and are leaving his Recaro in David's car.


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