The day we spent in Santa Cruz #kids #travel #familyfun #motherhood #norcal

One of my best friends and her daughter invited Emily and I to spend the day in Santa Cruz at The Boardwalk a few months back. It was a gorgeous, 68 degree day where the waves crashed in the background the sun shone on our faces. What an amazing place!

Emily and her friend didn't even hesitate to get their ride-bands on and head for the boardwalk. Their smiling faces really do say it all! They rode everything they were tall enough for, which was all but 2 rides. The water ride was by far their favorite - they rode it 12 times.

We had to break for churros TWICE. haha They are Emily's favorite!

It was so nice to just sit and talk with my friend for 10 hours while the girls went off on their own to ride all day. Eight is a very independent age where, thank the good Lord I don't have to ride with her!

The Boardwalk is HUGE with so much to do for all ages but, in my opinion, about age 8-12 years old is just perfect. There were arcades games and putt-putt golf, neither of which our kids cared to do, plus a ton of restaurants to sit and eat at while overlooking the ocean. It's not cheap but there are some great "buy one, get one" deals out there.

I can't wait to go back with David and Nolan in a few years!


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