What does my eight year old wear to school?

Volume 1 can be found HERE.

Scarves are a very favorite wardrobe staple for Emily right now. How cute is this sweater dress (Gymboree) paired with leggings, high top sneakers (Mini Boden) and this purple scarf (Kohl's)?

Oh how I love Ugg boots on children! This is another sweater dress from Gymboree paired with footed tights (Hanna Andersson) and her new pink Bailey Bow Uggs (Nordstrom).

The Ugg boots make another super cute appearance here, paired with leggings (Gap Kids) and Polar Bear boot smugglers (Gymboree for $1.99!). She was the most popular girl in her class this day! They are like leg warmers for kids!

Footed tights with black, patent-leather Mary Janes (Hanna Andersson) are super cute under dresses, though she's not a fan of how they sag. Is anyone, really? :/

Corduroy jeggings (Mini Boden) paired with a sweater (Gymboree), white faux fur vest (Old Navy) and rain boots (Mini Boden) makes for super fun, DRY day at school.

Emily cares very little for the every-day fashion decisions (which pants with which top); however she insists on accessories so, I still get to choose her clothes and I'm oh, so grateful as I know this will soon change.

PS - why is her mouth open in so many photos?!?!? Does anyone else kid pose this way? Lord.


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