Day 2 of #pottytraining Only two accidents. Yea! #kids #motherhood #boymom

I'm still on a high from yesterday's potty training success!

David was off work Friday so he took the lead on all the potty training while I spent the morning running all the errands to prepare for our annual Fourth of July party.

8:35am - David got Nolan up out of bed and stripped him naked. He immediately went downstairs on his own to pee. Yay!

David kept him naked through breakfast and morning play time in the play room.

11:15am - I get a call while I'm in Trader Joe's and it's Nolan exclaiming "I pee-peed and pooped in the potty mom, I did it!". Another yay moment! David said he stopped building a train track, jumped up and ran to his bathroom. Once in there and up on the toilet, he told David to "don't come in here, I need privacy". WTH? haha No clue where that came from, maybe Emily. So, David complied and stood out in the hall, peeking through the crack of the bathroom door. Nolan peed and pooped and said "I'm all done" and David went in to wipe.

12:40pm - I got home from the shopping, which included purchasing additional pairs of underwear, and David let him try a pair on and wear them around. I was against it as it lead to accidents the day before but didn't say anything and went on to fix everyone lunch.

1:12pm - Nolan peed in his underwear while sitting in his chair eating lunch. Boo :( David cleaned it up and reminded him that he wasn't wearing a diaper, he was wearing underwear, and if he feels like he needs to pee or poop he needs to use the toilet. After cleaning it up, he left him naked and let him run around in the backyard blowing bubbles and playing basketball.

3:10pm - Nolan came inside to pee all by himself.

5:45pm - While watching a show and eating dinner (such a bad habit we have GOT to break!), Nolan peed in his chair. Too many distractions!

6:50pm - After his bath and reading books naked, Nolan said he needed to go pee pee and went downstairs to pee successfully in the toilet.

Then, David dressed him in a night time diaper and his PJs and tucked him into bed.

I'd say day two was another success!

Accidents are expected and are normal, we are just going to keep praising his efforts and buckle in for the next couple of days.


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