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Yesterday was July 4th and we had six houseguests coming at 3:00pm to say through dinner, as we have every year.

Even though we've let Nolan walk around all day naked to help aid in his potty-training success, we knew we would have to put him in clothes (or at least a pair of shorts!) for a long period of time in the late afternoon so, we decided to go ahead and let him wear a pair of very loose (actually a pair that was an entire size too big) shorts all day. This way, he'd have several hours of practice!

7:55am - I got Nolan up and reminded him that it was July 4th and that we were having a party and that he was going to have to wear shorts today. I reminded him that we don't pee and poop in our shorts, instead we stop what we are doing and go to the bathroom to pee and poop in the toilet. Then, I dressed him in his size-too-big shorts (no underwear underneath, just the shorts) and a t-shirt and took him downstairs to begin the day. I could tell he had peed in the his overnight diaper so I wasn't concerned when he said "no" when I asked him if he needed to use the toilet. He played with his trains and cars while I started breakfast.

8:50am - Nolan said "uh oh" and I saw him watch the pee run down his legs onto his train tracks. He ran to me for a towel and began cleaning it up. Such a good boy! I told him we need to stop what we are doing and get to the bathroom if we feel the urge to pee or poop and that we needs to keep his shorts clean and dry. He said "yeah, I can do it, mom" and we got on a clean pair of shorts and went on about our day preparing for our party.

10:05am - While helping me clean the table outside, I noticed Nolan was grabbing and figiting. I reminded him that his little potty seat was outside with us and showed it to him and told him he could pull his shorts down and sit on it and pee if he needed to. He immediately walked right over to it and did just that! Yay!

11:12am - After another hour outside blowing bubbles, mowing the lawn, watering all the plants and pushing some sand around with his bulldozer, Nolan had another pee accident. He knew it was happening but it was as if it snuck up on him. David reminded him of where we go to the bathroom and changed him into a new pair of shorts.

12:45pm - Just to create a new habit of using the bathroom before meals, I suggested the kids go try and use the toilet before we eat lunch. Nolan did pee in the potty this time! I think I'm going to suggest everyone pee before meals and before we leave home every time, too.

2:05pm - Without a word, Nolan got up from doing a puzzle, ran to the bathroom, pulled down his shorts and peed on the potty. YAY! Big steps forward today, people. :D

5:50pm - Deep in party mode and running around outside with four other kids, Nolan went in the house, into the bathroom, pulled his shorts down and peed AND pooped on the potty. He also tried to wipe himself the day David showed him yesterday (where was I?!?). He was so proud of himself. He was very excited and kept saying "I kept my shorts clean and dry and now I get five marshmallows and I'm a big boy now!". All the party go-ers gave him a round of applause. I couldn't believe it! Amidst all the chaos and excitement of having so many playmates, Nolan stopped what he was doing and made it to the bathroom. Wow!

8:05pm - A bit past bedtime, as usual for fourth of July, as they were reading books, Nolan told David he needed to go pee-pee so he got up and went downstairs from his room to use the bathroom. He pulled his shorts down and peed in the toilet.

What a BIG day!

Not only did Nolan make it to the bathroom several times successfully but he realized his shorts were NOT A DIAPER and that, my friends, is our golden ticket to potty-training! I think we will keep going this way tomorrow, with Nolan wearing a loose pair of shorts but no underwear just yet and see how it all goes. Perhaps we can wear underwear on Monday!


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