Day 5 #pottytraining and ZERO accidents PLUS a dry Pull-up at nap time :D #kids #boymom #parenting #motherhood

So, here we are, Monday, at day five and what a day it was!

8:50am - Nolan woke us up. David got him up out of bed and his overnight diaper was COMPLETELY dry! He got him undressed and immediately Nolan said he needed to go pee pee and he did in the toilet! David dressed him in a pair of loose shorts, no underwear underneath, and they headed downstairs to play.

I was already out the door to the bank this morning to turn over our accounts to the new PTA Treasurer and didn't arrive home until Noon. David said Nolan was fidgeting and doing the pee pee dance so he prompted him to go to the bathroom twice and both times he did.

Just before serving them lunch, around Noon, I told both kids to go use the bathroom and wash their hands. Nolan did try but didn't need to go.

2:10 - 3:50pm - Nolan napped. He's transitioning out of them but still ends up crashing and burning around the third or fourth day without a nap so today was the day to take one. I put him in a Pull-up and explained that we would wear Pull-ups at bed time and night time until he was ready to get up at night and use the toilet. He was fine with it. When he woke up, I got him out of his crib and took his Pull-up off and it was bone dry! He ran downstairs without a word (completely naked!) and peed in the potty. Yay!

I left Nolan naked to see if he would get to the bathroom on his own and, lo and behold, he did! About forty minutes after waking up from his nap, while laying on the play room floor playing with his Fisher Price Little People farm house, he jumped up and ran to the bathroom. I could hear the poop! I watched him wipe himself before coming in to help. So much cheering and excitement in that bathroom! Again, here's another example of him recognizing the urge and getting to the bathroom while he's naked. I think I'm on to something with this...

4:10pm - I put shorts on him as we had a play date with another family the rest of the afternoon through 6pm. We played inside and out and he was dry the entire time.

Just before dinner at 6:45pm, I had both kids again try to use the bathroom and wash their hands. This time Nolan peed.

8:15pm - After being naked while reading books with Dad for half an hour, Nolan said he needed to go pee pee, came downstairs and did just that. Then, it was PJs and lights out.

What a successful day of ZERO accidents even with shorts on! I think he's becoming more accustomed to wearing them but I still found myself prompting him most of the day to use the bathroom. I guess this isn't exactly a BAD thing... the goals is obviously for him to recognize the urge and go on his own. We will keep working on it!

My girlfriends all said they STILL put Pull-Ups on their kids for travel AND most were wearing them at night up through age six or seven. I think I'll go this route for our travel day tomorrow: naked in the early morning but Pull-ups for the day of travel.

We're headed to Texas for nearly three weeks to spend part of our summer with family and friends and we can't wait!


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