Day 6 #pottytraining Six hours of travel and a DRY pull-up!

So, we flew to Texas on Tuesday and I had decided to just put Nolan in a pull-up to save myself a wet airline seat and the anxiety over it all.

7:50am - Nolan was up for the day. David took off his PJs and night time diaper, which was completely dry, and he immediately went downstairs and peed in the potty. David put him in a pull-up, reminded him to let us know when he needed to go pee or poop, and we went on about our morning to load our suitcases and get out the door at 8:45am.

9:50am - It took an hour to drive to the airport, get parked, get all our stuff and us unloaded and into the terminal. Before we stepped up to the Virgina America ticket counter, I took both kids into the bathroom. We all three peed on the potty and Nolan's pull-up was DRY!

We got through security, stopped at Peet's to get coffees and breakfast plus juice for the kids, and we headed to our gate. David got a family gate-ticket that allowed him to take us all the way to the door of the plane, which is so nice as I have his help entertaining them for over an hour while we wait to board. He took them to fill up our water bottles and to this little kid's play ground inside the airport. Then, at 10:45am, it was time for us to board. We waved and kissed good-bye to David and boarded the plane.

11:50am - late taking off but we were finally in the air and Nolan said to me "I need to take a pee pee break". So, we all three headed up the plane to use the bathroom. Emily waited outside while I took Nolan in. Have you ever tried to get into an airplane bathroom with another person?!? Oh jeez, they are SMALL! Helping Nolan get his shorts and pull-up down then get him up on the toilet was near impossible. Add to that the fact that he lunged at me trying to claw his way out of the bathroom after flusing and it was a near disaster! I think my elbow hit the door three times...? I can only imagine what the passengers thought. I'm just so happy he communicated the need to go and actually went!

2:05pm - After a solid two hours of watching television on the plane, playing with their video games, and reading some books, I saw Emily's hand fly up to her mouth to cover it and she made a "stink" face. Then, I smelled it: gas. Blech. I knew Nolan needed poop and about the time I realized it, he looked at me and said he need to poop. Another "yay!". So, I left Emily in her seat and he and I made our way to the bathroom again. After using the toilet, he tried to get off it and get out of the bathroom, begging me not to flush the potty. Talk about a nightmare. There was poop everywhere as I struggled to wipe him in that ridiculously small bathroom. Ugh. I can laugh about it now but I was so embarassed as I raised my voice at him to "stop moving" and "let me wipe your butt". Lord.

3:16pm - The plane landed, we de-boarded, and headed downstairs to meet Gram and get our bags. I was so happy to be off the plane where we could at least use normal sized bathrooms! :) We got in her car and drove to Phil's Ice House where the kids could play on the play ground while we had dinner.

4:40pm - Nolan came over to the table and said he needed a pee pee break. I took him and he successfully used the toilet. Then, we headed to Gram's house and, when I undressed him to bathe him, I noticed his pull-up was completely dry. What a success! :)

After baths and reading books and lots of hugs and kisses from Gram, he peed on the potty one last time at 7:00pm, I dressed him in a night time diaper and his PJS, and tucked him into bed for lights out at 9:30pm (Texas time - it was only 7:30pm California time, which was his bedtime).

Perhaps all he needed was just a bit of practice and it's not some much about whether he's naked and/or wearing underwear. I guess we will continue to see. While at home, I'm putting him in underwear and clothes. While out, I'm putting him in a pull-up. And at night, he's wearing a size 5 Pampers Extra Protection night time diaper.


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