Day 7 #potty training He got out of the pool to pee!

Yesterday was our first full day here at Gram's and it was a BIG one!

Nolan slept 13 hours (we were all exhausted from traveling!) and woke up completely dry! He peed in the potty in the room we are sharing when he woke up at 8:30am. I dressed him in shorts, no underwear underneath, and he ran downstairs to see Gram and to play with all the toys she keeps here for them. We made breakfast and decided to head over to downtown Central Market to get lunch and to play at their awesome, shaded playground.

10:42am - Before leaving, Nolan went over to the bathroom on the main living area and peed in the potty. He didn't say a word, just went over and did it. I helped him wash his hands, praised him, and put him in a pull-up so we could get in the car and go.

12:15pm - After lunch and playing a bit, Nolan came over to where Gram and I were sitting and said "I need a pee pee break". So, I took him inside and he peed in the toilet. Yay!

By 1:30pm, the sun started to peak through the clouds and it was near 93 degrees outside and we were all melting so, we called it a day and went home.

The kids both begged to go swimming so, at 2:30pm, we changed into swim suits (Nolan's pull-up was completely dry!) and headed up to the pool. We weren't in the pool 10 minutes when Nolan grabbed himself and looked right at me with panic in his eyes. I asked him if he needed to use the bathroom and he said "uh huh!" and started running back towards the car. I steared him to the clubhouse and got him to the bathroom where he peed on the toilet. What a HUGE accomplishment. He recognized the urge and got out and acted on it while SWIMMING. Something we hadn't done just yet. Yay!

He did this two more times and at 5:00pm we left the pool and headed back down to my mom's house. We had baths and dinner and one last pee before bed time at 7:30pm.

It is just so exciting to watch him be this successful after a week of potty-training! Wow.

I won't be blogging every single day anymore but I'll update for anything new. Good luck to all my friends out there doing the same!


  1. He's doing so well! It's so cute to see them potty train. It's great that he's staying dry at night too. Henry is just starting to stay dry at night, and will go to the bathroom when he wakes up.


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