Nolan's recent adventures at age four #kids #boymom #motherhood #parenting

Oh my gosh, age four is so much fun!

Not only is Nolan growing like a weed physically and able to keep up on all-day adventures (most days!), but he's maturing in the way he talks and asks for things and checks on people when they get hurt. He's eager to play with others and share his toys and he's so happy to just BE! He still really enjoys our leisurely play time at home with all his toys but you should see his excitement when we get in the car to go on a day trip somewhere!

The park is always a favorite place to go play:

Saying "cheese" any time I point a camera at him:

We had THE BEST DAY EVER at Chabot Space and Science museum! I'm so glad I purchased a family membership so we could all go and enjoy it.

He's finally enjoying ice cream but only vanilla! This photo was from a few weeks ago when Gram was visiting:

No one loves new clothes like this kid:

Reading books a daily MUST DO:

 Studio Grow is still super fun for Nolan. He enjoys the doll house and all the puzzles as well as story time:

Nolan likes doing anything he sees his daddy do including washing his motorcycle:

He also really enjoys when we pick up his sister from where ever it is that she's been all day. This particular day was after Zoo Camp in Oakland:


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