Pumping... The Last Straw: Day 5

After doing some research on the La Leche League's website, I realized that for optimum milk production, I need to be pumping every 1-2 hours... are they even kidding? When am I going to find all that free time? Ugh. Well, I am committed to building back up my milk supply so, I wrote out a pumping schedule today and here's how it went:

        • 7am 3.5oz
        • 9am 1.0oz
        • 11am 2.0oz
        • 1pm 2.0oz
        • 3pm NO PUMPING ~ I was out running errands
        • 5pm 2.0oz
        • 7pm BREASTFED ~ I fed Emily so no pumping
        • 9pm 2.0oz
        • 11pm NO PUMPING ~ I was just too tired so I went to bed
I'd say for my first day, I did fairly well on milk production! Trying to keep Emily occupied so I could concentrate on pumping was so hard. She was crying through half of these and napping through only two. Talk about stress... no wonder I'm only getting 2oz each time. :-(

My period is almost over so, I am hoping I'll see an increase in supply over the next few days once Aunt Flow has disappeared and after a few more days of pumping this vigorously.


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