Pumping... The Last Straw: Day 8

It's been 8 days since I started my new pumping schedule and I have definitely seen improvement in my attitude, my emotional state and my milk production! I had a much better day today, only pumping four times; I was able to pump all four times while Emily napped or played by herself and that eliminated the majority of my stress. Here's how today went:
        • 8:45am 4oz
        • 1:15pm 4oz
        • 6:00pm 4oz
        • 10:10pm 4oz
16 ounces total and Emily got no formula today! I had the breast milk I pumped last night to give to her for her first feeding of the day today and then, had the milk I pumped for the rest of her feedings today. Sometimes, she only wants 2-3 oz and will go 3-4 hours before wanting to eat again. Other times, she takes 6oz and wants to eat again in 2 hours... growth spurt, maybe?

I have also started to thaw out some of the frozen breast milk I pumped nearly five months ago as I have heard it goes bad within 6 months... is that really true or is it just a suggested guideline? Hmmm... at any rate, I've decided to be safe, rather than sorry and thawed out to 6oz containers today. I'll have to start freezing the milk I pump during the day so that I can use up the milk in the freezer I am thawing, which is fine by me! I'll just rotate one bottle from the freezer into the fridge everyday and will probably end up freezing at least one 6oz container a day. :-)


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