I just joined a Coupon Train

I love to clip coupons... I always have.

It's very relaxing to read through the Sunday paper and then, clip the coupons. I'm pretty good about only using the coupons to purchase things I normally buy and love to see my receipt with that whopping "You saved: $___" amount at the bottom.

Throwing away coupons is like throwing away money!

So, when the opportunity arose to join a coupon train, I was definitely up for it. All I have to do is clip the coupons every Sunday and throw in any coupons I get in the mail to the package I will receive from the first person in line. I take out what I want and mail the package to the next person in line. Easy!

We start June 3rd and I already have a huge stack of coupons for one lucky lady!!! :-)


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