Thursday Thirteen

Thirteen Things I Love About Myself:

1. I have great teeth - never had a cavity!
2. I'm left-handed but have great hand-writing
3. I was born on Halloween and birthday's are always so much fun!
4. I'm very level-headed and can almost always find rationale
5. I have a huge group of friends that love me and respect me
6. I wear a size 6 shoe and never have problems finding my size in the cute new styles
7. I have a photographic memory, which served me well in school
8. I love to read and can get lost in a good book
9. I'm a great cook!
10. My mother was only 21 when I was born and we are the best of friends
11. I have strong ethics and would never lie, cheat or steal to get ahead in life, even if the stakes where high and it would cost me my life, my loved ones, my friendships, my job or my monetary possessions.
12. I have great skin, although it's fair and I tend to burn easily in the sun.
13. I always see the good in people.


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