Estate Sale and 3 offers!

Things have finally started to happen with MIL's estate and we are finally getting some relief on the emotional front, not having to deal with David's extended family.

My mom has been working so hard, every single day, to ensure the Estate Sale Professionals have access to the house, have set aside personal items David wanted to keep and that the sale went smoothly this weekend and it did! We made over $12,000 and are still just amazed that first, MIL had so much stuff worth something and that so many people wanted to buy it. I was never a huge fan of garage sales and that's pretty much what this was. Oh well, all her things went to a good home and the house is now completely empty so we can sell it. That's part of the Estate Sell Professionals' commission: they clean the house out completely, donating what they don't sell and hauling off all the trash. I mean, everything is gone!

During the estate sale, our Realtor handed out flyers with the information for the house and we got two offers that day. We also got an offer the hour our Realtor listed the home online. We are just so excited and can't believe this is all happening so fast! All three offers were for the full asking price $244,900 as is: meaning they want the house just as it is, dirty old carpet and all! :-) If the offers don't work out, we have estimates for $7,400 to pain the inside and out and put in brand new carpet in the whole house. We are also paying $48.00 a week to have the pool cleaned and $44.00 each week to have the lawn mowed. Don't even get me started on the electric bill, which is over $150.00 each month because it's so hot in Texas right now!

*Fingers crossed the house sells so we can put this money back in our pockets!!!!*


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