Family Drama

For those of you that have ever experienced a death in your immediately family, you'll most likely be able to sympathize with me. :(

When David's mother, Bonnie, died in January, she had a will and all of her Estate perfectly laid out (she used a Lawyer!), leaving David Executor and sole heir. She had tons of priceless antiques, four bedrooms full of expensive furniture, plus a house that was paid-off... we figured all we had to do was pay for her funeral, host an Estate sale and then, hire a Realtor to sell the house. No muss, no fuss.

Yeah, right.

David's mother's brothers & sisters and their spouses began to interfere from Day 1, bossing David and I around, offer their unsolicited advice about what we should and should not be doing, how we should do it and when we should do it. David felt pressured to let them "help" even though I begged him to NOT get them involved. I hate to say; "I told you" so, but, if the shoe fits...

They, on numerous occasions, have taken things from Bonnie's house without David's permission, have paid professionals to mow the lawn, maintain the pool and care for her pets, have had her mail forwarded to them and even tried to gain access to her many bank accounts to "reimburse" themselves for their expenses, all of this without our knowledge or concent!

Every single time David tried to politely ask them to "butt out" and please mind their own affairs, it's like they just don't know how. They have NO legal right to any of her things and really have no right bossing us around and, yet when I (finally) convince David to send them an email, very bluntly telling them to promptly return all her things and to start sending us receipts for their expenditures or they won't be reimbursed, they have the audacity to curse him out, call us ungrateful AND make the decision not to return certain items as they feel "owed" for their services and want to keep the items in return for cash.


Are you even kidding me?

Who do they think they are, really? I mean, isn't this just the most insane thing you've ever read? I didn't even truly begin to scratch the surface regarding all that they have done, especially concerning them going behind our backs, making decisions about Bonnie's estate in OUR names and then, demanding to be reimbursed. UGH!!!!

I've just had it with them and cannot even comprehend where they get off in the first place but, David doesn't want to start a family war so he ends up letting them keep several expensive pieces of furniture, which I don't care about the monetary value, more the point of letting them get away with such ridiculous behavior, which, in return, makes me feel even more angry. They have treated David like a child, incapable of handling his mother's estate and have crossed the line in terms of respecting Bonnie's wishes. I just wish I could make David see it this way.

I hate being at odds with my husband but I have morals and principals and they had no right and still have no right and I guess I just feel he should have stood up to them all this time and maybe this wouldn't have gotten out of hand. He should have set them straight and made them return everything!


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