I'm now a member of The Mariner Square Health Club!

I signed up at The Mariner Square Health Club last week, on Thursday and LOVE it so far!

Several of my friends and MOMs Group members work out there and constantly rave about how great their Nanny/Daycare service is so, I went to check it out for myself last week. Oh my gawd, it's amazing!!! It has everything: pool, circuit trainning room, women's only room, olympic size pool, co-ed and seperate jacuzzi's, raquetball courts, batting cages, basketball, pilates & yoga studios, spinning class, personal training, massage, wet & dry saunas and much, much more. The staff is ubber friendly and classy and the bathroom/changing facilities are really amazing & clean! I met with my P.T. (Personal Trainer) on Monday and got an in-depth tour of the Club and a persoanlized workout & nutrition program. I have worked out every morning at 6AM, lifting weights and using the rowing machine, while Emily stayed home with David. It's been bliss and I feel so good about myself!

I've never left Emily with anyone other than my mom and David so, it took me all of last week and the first part of this week to work up the courage to leave Emily in their daycare and attend one of the many classes I'm interested in in the middle of the day but I finally did it yesterday and it went really well! Emily had no issues with the Nannies or the other kids and seemed quite happy when I left her the first day so, I've continued to leave her and attend spinning class, yoga, pilates and water aerobics.

It's also nice not to have to get up out of bed at 6AM. ha ha ha :-)


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