No more baby food for my girl!

I was having such a hard time getting Em to accept any pureed baby food that I made for her or that the experts sold in jars, she went weeks only eating sweet potatoes and carrots!

I was so frustrated and worried about her nutrition and then, it hit me: maybe she doesn't like pureed food. Katie and Amanda both feed their babies soft, solid little chunks of food and they love it and have for a while now so, I thought; "Why not Emily?".

I'll be darned... it worked!

She has eaten green beans, broccoli, peas, carrots, eggplant, egg yolk, butternust squash, banana, apple, pear, avacado, chicken, pasta and cheese.

WOW, who knew?

It's also so much easier to feed her and go out to eat in public. She concetrates so hard of picking out what to eat next, picking it up and getting it into her mouth, she's occupied for nearly 40 minutes each meal! hahaha

Anyhow, now I'm sort of stuck with all these jars and frozen ziploc bags of baby food - I hope I can find them a new home. :)


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