We both got the IPhone!!!

After waiting in a very short (surprisingly) line at the Cingular store at Bay Street in Emeryville on Friday, David and I both ended up purchasing one of the new IPhones, which is crazy because I hardly use my current cell phone!

But, I have to admit, once we got in the store and saw the live demo, I was already feeling the pangs of jealousy over David getting one, he of course noticed, and he insisted I get one as well... mainly because I am the one that secured our place in line and because they are just the greatest thing out right now. So, I caved and poneyed up the dough for two phones.

We activated them through ITunes, which was easier than using my IPod, and had my address book, calendar, music and settings synced in under 3 minutes! Crazy cool! We have a MAC desktop and new Macbook Pro laptop and I had already spent the time a while back to upload all my contacts to it's address book... I was so excited not to have to manually input all my contacts into the IPhone.

David has already uploaded several videos and podcasts which are unbelievably good quality and has called just about everyone he knows who has one as well to share tips and secrets about the phone's capability.

The phone isn't a large as I thought it would be and the touch screen feature is really very nice. The timed "screen lock" feature is awesome so, you don't have to worry about accidently calling or using the phone while it's in your pocket/purse. It has a full keyboard and texting/emailing is just as easy as being on my laptop. The media plan was only $20.00/month per phone, which is much cheaper than I was anticipating as well and picking up a connection while on-the-go is a brand new experience for me. It was fast and unreal. We also have wi-fi when at home and connect to our current wireless network, which is awesome!

The GPS part of the phone is really cool, too! You can map any of your contacts (if you input their address to begin with) and even bookmark places you frequent, providing you with super fast maps and driving directions. It even gives you a satellite image if you chose it. We'll never be lost again! hahahah :-)

The feature I love most about the phone, is that it immediately (and automatically, if you chose this setting) syncs up your calendar, address book, ITunes, etc. when you plug it into your MAC, just like your IPod would so, it always has the latest information.

No muss, no fuss

I guess you could say that I really love this phone and am happy I got one myself!


  1. I want one! I am holding out until they are free when you sign up for a plan with Cingular. LOL.

    Unfortunately, Mark has an expensive art collecting habit that requires us to completely broke all the time so an Iphone isn't in my near future.



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