Home-made Heating Pad

Today, on Martha Stewart, she showed us how to make a heating pad and I swear, it is the cutest, neatest, most pratical, BEST idea I've ever seen on her show and I think everyone I know will be getting one of these for Christmas! :)

Here's how to do it yourself:

Tools and Materials
Sewing machine
Fabric (about 1/2 yard will make at least one)
Machine-sewing thread in coordinating color
Bone folder
Dried cherry pits or buckwheat
Lavender oil (optional)

Heating Pad How-To
1. Fold a 20-by-14-inch piece of fabric in half lengthwise, right sides facing.

2. Sew one short side and one long side with a 1/4-inch seam allowance.

3. Fold the open end out 1/4 inch and press it.

4. Clip the corners, being careful not to cut into the seams. Turn the fabric right side out.

5. Use a bone folder to push out the corners and make them sharp.

6. Fill the bag a little less than halfway with dried cherry pits or buckwheat. If desired, the pits or buckwheat can be mixed with a few drops of lavender oil before filling.

7. Close the open end of the bag with a top stitch.

Martha used cherry pits from tripledorchards.com and buckwheat from buckwheathull.com.


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