The Allen's Housewarming Party

One of my besties from my Mom's Group, Rachel, just relocated to Napa, St. Helena more specifically, because her hubby, Tim, took a President's position at a winery there.

They had a housewarming party and invited us all today and we had the best time! They have an amazing house with a huge backyard, complete with a sand & water table, and Spencer (their son) was such a gracious host, sharing all his toys sans tantrum.

We ate, drank, shared stories and just enjoyed the company and we really were sad to go home. Emily did really well, eating lunch and dinner at their house, playing with all her baby friends, riding in the wagon, playing baby basketball and playing chase in the backyard.

All the mommies and the babies:

All the daddies and the babies:

Me, holding Mai-An and Anna... those girls love me!

I am so happy for them, we all are, but boy do we miss seeing her and Spencer's smiling face at our weekly Library Story Times and monthly Girl's Night Outings. :(

Congratulations on your new house, Rachel, Tim & Spencer!!!


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