Cooling off at the beach!

Well, yet another heat wave has struck the bay area and we have suffered through two days of over 85 degree weather... and there's no end in sight. Blech! :(

With no air conditioning, just fans and only a slight breeze, it's been near miserable here in Alameda so, we decided to meet up with our good friends Patty & Ava for an afternoon at the beach.

We could've walked but I was way too hot (I know, I am a wimp!) so, we drove the short 1.5 miles over to Willow & Otis and it was a noticeable 10 degrees cooler as soon as our toes touched the sand. It was heaven!!!

The breeze really picks up on the water and, thanks to my huge beach umbrella, we were all nice and cool in the shade! ;)

Emily once again confirmed that she has no fear... of anything, especially water! She went running into the big waves, laughing as they knocked her down and soaked her. She purposely sat in the deeper part, where the water was up to her chest, letting the waves crash over her, giggling as if she was being tickled. She danced around in the sand, attempted a sand castle and kicked at the water as she ran along the edge of the shore. It was a great, cool afternoon!

Splashing in the waves
Waiting for the BIG waves...
Running along the shoreline, kicking the water
"Hi mama" Having too much fun!
Stopping for a quick snack

"My stick" Emily played with this stick for 2 hours!

Emily found her shadow and waved to it

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