Exercising feels sooooooooo good so, why do I not do it more often?

Ugh... too much time has gone by since I was at the gym last, an embarrassing amount of time.

And I am finally ready to go back! We don't have a ton of activities in the afternoons, nothing specific nor recurring weekly so, I *think* I am going to start going back to the gym every day, after Emily's nap during what I call the "dead hours", between 4-6PM. She tends to get bored during this time every day unless we are out & about or at a play place and she has always loved Becky and Gina at Mariner Square so, why not do something for us both?

Yesterday was when I got this bright idea, I just got this bug up my butt and HAD to go...

So, I did!

I started off a bit slow, stretching, a 10-minute walking warm-up then, 45 minutes on the Elliptical machine at about 80% of what I am capable of doing, burning only 345 calories. Not too shabby and I felt really good afterwards. I sat in the sauna to help heal my muscles (and to relax!), showered, picked up Emily and drove home with a little pep in my step. :)

I hope to get to the gym again today, although, I'll have to go for a quick workout as tonight is Date Night for David and I. Wahoo!

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