Finally... some home improvement!

Even though we moved in well over a month ago, it seems there are still things that need to be done and we accomplished so many this weekend. Mainly because I was sick and tired of looking at the clutter! ha! :)

* We hung all the artwork in Emily's room and I have an appointment with an Upper Case Living Consultant to finish out her room with something above her crib.

* We pulled out the vacuum and cleaned all our rugs (they really needed it!).

* I cleaned out Emily's closet and boxed up her outgrown clothes (Josie, my love... check your mailbox this week!).

* We finally agreed on a living room rug, flooring actually from Flor and are just waiting for our catalog and samples to arrive so we can make a choice.

* We got our family photos hung in our hallway and our Master bedroom.

* We planted my pink hydrangea plants and spread new mulch over the flower bed.

* David finished smoking out his taillights (this means, I have my garage back because all his stuff is cleaned up and his car is OUT!).

* We cleaned our hardwood floors with the new Method OMop and were quite impressed! You have got to check this thing out, it's super easy, Eco-friendly and it smells divine! Our floors are so clean you could eat off them, but not slick (there's no residue left behind) and they dried fairly quickly!

Somethings we still need that I am stoked to go shopping/antiquing for are:

A console table to fit behind the front door - to use sort of as a "mud room" concept: a place to put your keys, the mail, hang your jacket, take off your shoes, etc.

A storage cabinet/display case of some sort for the dining room as it's a huge room and the banquet we purchased is FULL of our crystal and barware. I'd also like one more piece of artwork for this room.

New throw pillows for our couch - this is actually last on my list because I haven't decided which color pallet I'm going to use for the living room. Everything is fairly neutral right now, until we get the Flor in and see how the room feels.

A bookcase/bookshelf/dollhouse for Emily's rooms - she has over 200 books and we have no central location to put them, they are spread out between her armoir and the shelves in her closet.

A small patio furniture set for our back deck - we love to grill and just sit outside with friends & family and, right now, we have to just stand around.

We have some calls in to Kai Landscaping to have grass put in on the curb (it's a really wide, long strip of just dirt and mulch right now, the weeds have been killed) and hope to have it put in next month!

We need to find a new housekeeper (our old one couldn't come with us) and we need a gardener to take care of said grass above as well as to trim back our huge Japanese weaping willow tree.

Oh! And we also have decided to put wood blinds in Emily's Room and we need curtains for the dining room. Although the dining room is private (shaded almost completely by the Japanese Willow), at night, from the street you can see what's going on inside our house.

Not impossible but it sure is a long list! :)

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