Is a hoodie a necessity?

It never fails...

Everytime I go to Target for "necessities" I walk out with more cute clothes for me. hehe :)

Who could resist all their really cute styles and designers lately, especially Mossimo, an old favorite of mine.

It's always a bit chilly, pleasant outside here where I live and I practically live in layers all year round and I found these really cute short-sleeve Hoodies perfect so, I bought three!

I wore this fushia one today while walking along the beach and it really was super comfy and fit correctly, unlike some clothes from "cheaper" stores, which really gets my goat. argh! There is nothing worse than finding something cute only to get it home, wear it and realize it was a huge waste of money because certain seems don't fall where they should or something bunches somewhere it shouldn't.

These hoodies won't disappoint!

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