Lucy will have to live in our garage now

We have a cat door on our garage door and the back door of our kitchen... our house came that way but we put to door on the one on the kitchen door so that Lucy would not be able to come in the house but could go in and out of the garage as she pleased, to eat, drink and sleep.

Last night, we were woken up (again, this is the third time) by the sound of a cat fight and found out this morning that Lucy was involved; she has a few scratches and one big, deep wound on her shoulder. We also found the bag of cat food torn to shreds and some of the items laying around the garage out of place. It appears the fight was over the food and Lucy's territory.

So, we agreed that we would start shutting the cat door on the garage door to keep Lucy IN the garage at night, keeping the other cats/animals out.

To do this, I knew we'd at least need a litter box because we didn't want her having accidents all over the place or having to hold it until morning but I didn't know it was going to be so much work to get one!

I was already at Target when David called to ask me to pick up a litterbox so, I went down their pet isle and only had two choices and the prices looked a bit high to me. So, I decided to go next door to PetSmart and was overwhelmed at the choices, types, sizes, prices... ack! I just couldn't decide... self-cleaning litter system? basic box with or without a liner? one with a built-in sifter? *sigh* I finally settled on a well-priced basic box with high sides (to help contain spray, I learned) and liners to make my job of cleaning this thing a bit easier. I did buy a scoop and plan on trying to scoop out most of the "waste" daily but do NOT want to have to clean/sanitize the whole litter box itself so, I bought the liners.

I also bought a pad to go under the litter box, that extends about 18 inches in all directions from the box to hopefully catch any litter from her paws upon her exit from the box.

Next, I had to purchase a container I could seal her food in, since the fights seemed to be over food and a scoop for it.

I also had to purchase additional food... don't even get me started on WHICH food to buy because Lord knows I have no clue! I went with Eucanuba because it wasn't as cheap as Friskies but wasn't as spendy as Science Diet and wasn't as complicated as some of the "all natural" brands out there now. Sheesh... I was exhausted by the time we left, that's for sure!

Let's hope our plan works because if this distresses her or upsets her in any way, we are just at a loss as to what to do next as we just can't have an indoor cat!

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