Motorama 2008

Once again, we joined David up at Pixar for their annual Moto-rama Car show & Picnic.

It's just a fun, day of appreciation for the employees and a great way to see all the cool cars around the Bay Area, some belonging to Pixar employees, including the 2008 Shelby GT500 entered by David! David was so excited he got asked and lined his car up next to some of the great, classic cars he's always loved and lusted after.

Emily was on her very best behavior, happy to ride around in her stroller, looking at all the cars. She sat down like a big girl on a folding chair and ate 1/2 a hamburger (we shared one), some grapes and mommy's secret weapon for keeping her happy these days: chocolate pudding. :)

After having lunch, we walked around Pixar, checking out all the Wall*E merchandise which is just too cute for words and of course, I had to purchase a few things for Emily!

David even introduced her to Sully from Monster's, Inc. and she liked to touch his fuzzy hair most.

Before we left for the day, we stopped at the Emeryville Firetruck and Emily made us all laugh when she started singing; "hurry hurry drive the firetruck", which is a song she learned at the Library.

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