NBL2 Day 2&3

* Water with every meal and in between, up to 8 glasses a day
* Three meals a day in the proper portions
* Nuts and/or fruit as a snack between meals
* Drinking up to 3 8-ounce glasses of fat-free milk as I don't consume enough dairy products
* NO SODAS, even Diet Dr. Pepper except on weekends
* Sweets are OK but only a bite or two and only once a week
* Vegetables with every meal

I've done really well, surprisingly well, so far with my diet and exercise, since Sunday:

Monday I met almost all my diet goals: I only had one glass of milk and I did have a Diet Soda (I really needed the caffeine!). I had a piece of pound cake *hangs head in shame* and I had 2 glasses of white wine on Monday as well so, I guess those are my splurges for the week! I took a Cardio Blast Class, which was pretty great and I would say I pushed myself to about 85% (don't want to get injured my first week working out!) on the cardio portion and worked out with 5 and 7.5 lbs weights instead of my usual 7.5 and 10lb weights - I don't want to bulk up, I'd rather tone so I did more reps with less weight than the instructor. I broke into a pretty good sweat and for the 6 second heartrate count, I ranged from 170-185 - my max!

For dinner: Pot roast with carrots and mushrooms over egg noodles.

Today, Tuesday, I met all my diet goals and didn't cheat one ounce! I discovered today that I love sharp cheddar cheese (one of my snacks today) and pretzels with peanut butter (my second snack today). Who knew? I drank all 8 glasses of water (I feel so bloated!) and 3 glasses of milk, I didn't touch a soda and showed proper restraint at all meals in order to eat the correct portion size. I took an Absolution abs class (holy moly, it hurts to breath!!!) and followed that up with a Spin class (I'll be lucky if I can walk tomorrow!).

For dinner: shrimp, asparagus and cherry tomato linguine in a garlic, lemon, butter sauce.

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