NBL2: Day 5

* Water with every meal and in between, up to 8 glasses a day
I only had 4 glasses today

* Three meals a day in the proper portions
I missed breakfast because I slept until 10am (Emily was up almost all night, we all slept in) and was so hungry I chose poorly for lunch: 1/2 a personal pan Pizza from Pizza Hut (Emily and I had lunch at Target today). I did eat a healthy snack of fruit & nuts but boobed on dinner, eating a bean & cheese quesadilla.

* Nuts and/or fruit as a snack between meals
Check! :)

* Drinking up to 3 8-ounce glasses of fat-free milk as I don't consume enough dairy products - can be used as an in between meal snack
I didn't have a single glass today... we ran out of milk and I couldn't get to the store. Terrible excuse.

* NO SODAS, even Diet Dr. Pepper except on weekends
I had TWO today. argh! I really needed the caffeine from my horrible night. Another terrible excuse.

* Sweets are OK but only a bite or two and only once a week
Check! I didn't have any sweets today.

* Vegetables with every meal
I didn't eat a single vegetable today. *sigh*

Well, today nearly sucked (see comments above). :(

I say "nearly" because I did get a great workout in at the gym this afternoon; I rode 18 miles on the stationary bike in under 40 minutes, burning over 300 calories! Yeah! I also soaked in the jacuzzi, enjoying the latest People Magazine, in an effort to relax a bit. I stretched and let my arms have a rest today since they have been overworked this week.

Better luck tomorrow!

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