Roses from MY garden!

Since we moved in three weeks ago, David and I have made a list of all the things we want to do and improve on around the house and the most fun, by far, has been the projects outside.

David has replaced a few of the wacky sprinkler heads that were shooting water straight into the air nearly 2 feet, those that were watering the sidewalk & the street and two that were like water faucets just leaking water all over the place. ha! I'm proud to say that we now have 26 perfectly functioning water sprinklers. ;)

While my mom was here, we purchased and replanted two Dragon's Breath Hibiscus plants on either side of our front door, which have bloomed like crazy lately! I also purchased a huge pink Hydrangea plant that we are going to replant in the ground this weekend. I wanted to make sure it was only getting filtered sun and mostly shade before choosing it's final resting place in the ground.

Also on our list was to cut some of the roses from our 5 rose bushes as we noticed that they bloom for a few weeks and then die, which is attracting ants. My thinking was that I could cut them two days after they bloomed and use them here in the house, rather than letting them waste away and die outside.

Here's my first arrangement

We are going to plant some grass on the curb, removing the mulch that is there now and we desperately need the Willow tree trimmed back a bit.

All in good time...

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