Thursday Thirteen

Yesterday, a friend on The Nest Online Community asked; "What are you smiling about today?" and it got me thinking so, this week's Thursday Thirteen is all about what makes me smile.

Thirteen reasons I am smiling today:

1. The cooler weather!

2. The ice cream sandwich David left for me eventhough I know he really wanted to eat it last night. ha!

3. Emily saying; "poop mama" right after she did it this morning at tumbling class. We are moving in the direction of potty training, people!!!

4. Getting an email from a friend I "broke up" with last year, apologizing *gasp* for her selfish behavior. It feels good to reconnect and not to have had to force it.

5. Hearing from my dad... it's been nearly a month!

6. A text message David sent me just to say; "I love you"

7. Girl's Weekend up in Napa next month - we just planned it and booked the rooms!

8. Remembering how precious this time is and being so greatful to have it. I thank God everyday for all the opportunities I am given on a daily basis and am so thankful for everything I have!

9. Talking to my mom!

10. Seeing my hibiscus plants blooming; this is huge because I have a self-proclaimed "black thumb".

11. The Bachelorette Finale :)

12. Seeing the money in our savings accounts - we always work hard and it's nice to see that hardwork pay off.

13. Meeting another of our new neighbors and spending some time just talking, amongst adults.

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