Thursday Thirteen

My car is just a car, nothing fancy, nothing special and I never really cared about how clean or dirty it was, especially since having a baby as she just makes a huge mess everyday anyway!

Today, I actually looked in the backseat, really looked and I was so appalled by what I saw. Ew! I am in dire need of a vacuum, probably even a detail so, this week's Thursday Thirteen is all about the gross, weird, random crap in my car.

Thirteen things I found in my backseat today:

1. A pen that was dried out
2. A smashed grape
3. My white hoodie... it's no longer clean nor white :(
4. Local map of the San Francisco Bay Area
5. A quarter, two dimes and eleven pennies
6. A coat hanger
7. Three green Crayons
8. Crushed goldfish crackers... I think that's what they are. Ew!
9. A stick, from a tree
10. Fingernail clippers
11. One of Emily's lift-the-flap books
12. Six pacifiers
13. A triple A battery

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