Tuesday Toddler Tales

This week's Toddler Tales is all about ways to make outings with a toddler "easier" on us parents.

The most important thing I have learned recently is that having a good, insulated "lunch bag" or cooler/warmer of some sort is really a God Sent when running errands up against lunch time or when away from home anytime, really. It will help avoid food spoilage (and wastefulness!) too, which has been one of my biggest pet peeves since Emily started eating solid foods! After looking at several, I finally decided on the Skip Hop Triple Bottle Lunch Bag

and have really love it! There are mesh pockets inside for easy separation of your tupperware and baggies, it will hold an entire lunch plus sippy cup, I love the outside pocket for utensils and you can carry this bag three different ways: by the handle on top (which is perfect for hanging from Emily's Buggy!), over your shoulder or as a backpack!!! We can't wait to take this to Disneyland in September.

Anyhow... back to Toddler Tales!

When prepping the diaper bag to leave home, warm up and toss in your toddler's favorite lunch time item (Emily's happens to be spaghetti) and take a break around his/her normal lunch time, wherever you are. This will ensure your child stays on his/her schedule and their tummy's are satisfied so you can wrap up your errands tantrum-free! :)

We happened to be at Target a bit later than expected (how can you get out of that place in under an hour, really?) so, we took a break and had lunch.

Emily enjoying her "sketty" at Target while mommy enjoys the quiet time.

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